Rezbolt Fasthands

Halfling Thief, leader of the Filthy Blades


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Natural parents were merchants
Adopted parents were human-job-undertakers.

Siblings- older sister  Verrenza and a stepbrother 

Searching for your older sister 

 In your search, you stumble over the activities of a villain who is offended by your investigations.

Main Villain- is a green dragon named “Siadiss the Treacherous” 

You’re forced to join a prison gang that’s connected to a criminal group outside. They sneak you out, but in return you have to do a job for them. 

You become an expert criminal, and when the guild’s leader is killed by the villainous head of a rival organization, the guild members elect you their new leader. You gain training in Thievery and streetwise. Your life of adventure begins with you in charge of a guild of thieves called the Filthy Blades and in control of its territory. 

Your rival gang is a human woman noble. (Fughnar’s Mom-Drea Sass)
She is the owner of the merchant house of Emerald Empire. 
PCs know she uses the Emerald Empire as a decoy for her real business which she is tied to the Shadow of the Abyss gang. 

Notes: Drea Sass has been picking off your guild member for the last couple of years. She has managed to dispose of the your late leader “Ramshackle James” who had an accident at Restwell Keep near Chaos Scar.
It’s been about six months since you gain the leadership role of thieves guild called the Filthy Blades. Now with only about 15 members, your guild is close to being stamped out by your rival guild  named :  Shadows of the Abyss. What will you do to strengthen your numbers/guilds??

Rezbolt Fasthands

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