Korg Stormbrow

Dwarven Shaman of the bear


Korg has golden hair and green eyes. He wears hide armor and wields a short sword and light shield. Korg has an animal companion, a ginger cat named Burga.


He comes from a little dwarven mining and agricultural settlement living at the interface of the surface world and their ancestral mountains.  His clan has developed a symbiotic relationship with the numerous Kodiak Bears that live on the mountain and started venerating their Protective Spirit.

A few months ago, the Bear Spirit spoke to the settlement’s council of three Shamans that Korg belongs to.  It told the dwarves that the World-Earth spirt was dying because something evil winged serpent was eating it from inside.  Without hesitation, Korg offered to to help and left to go in search of this evil winged serpent. 

Korg saved Fughnar’s life when they where in prison and they been great friend ever since. 

Korg Stormbrow

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