Fughnar Rockchewer

Half-dwarf, fighter convict


He grew up in Winter Haven with his mom they moved to Fallcrest when his mom established her business of Emerald Empire. Fughnar has been Fallcrest for five years, two years of this time was served in prison. 

Mom is a human noble Drea Sass

Dad(Dwarven)  is a criminal – a wanted poacher by the name of Yans. Fughnar has not seen his dad since he was a young boy on Winterhaven. Last time he heard his dad is still hunting and poaching from the Winterbole Forest. 

Works for mom in Mercahnt house of the Emerald Empire. Under ground guild name/cult:  Shadows of the Abyss

Mom (Drea Sass) frames Fughnar for stealing and sends him to prison. 
Fughnar know because he caught on to his moms shady dealing she set him up because he could blow her cover and she kind of despised you because of your dad Yans. 
A bastard younger brother named Therin Rockchewer from his dwarven father. 

Fughnar is the leader of the prisoners. 

Fughnar Rockchewer

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